ISM Containers Partners with IRC to Create Medical Clinics in Daadab Camp, Kenya

ISM Containers is a renowned company specializing in shipping container conversion and modular building constructions, driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. In an effort to make a positive impact and contribute to global humanitarian causes, ISM Containers joined forces with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to address the healthcare needs of displaced people in the Daadab Camp located in North Eastern Kenya.

The Challenge:

The Daadab Camp, established in the early 1990s, is one of the largest refugee camps in the world. It has been home to generations of refugees, primarily from Somalia, who have fled conflict and environmental disasters. The camp faced severe challenges in providing adequate healthcare services to its inhabitants. The existing medical facilities were overcrowded and lacked the necessary resources to deliver quality healthcare.
Given ISM Containers\’ expertise in sustainable construction and IRC\’s commitment to humanitarian aid, the two organizations collaborated to address this pressing issue. The challenge was to create eco-friendly and sustainable clinics that could offer essential healthcare services to the displaced people in Daadab Camp.

1. Container Conversion:

ISM Containers transformed used shipping containers into fully functional medical clinics. This approach not only repurposed existing materials but also provided durable structures that could withstand the harsh climate of the region.

2. Solar Power:

To ensure a reliable source of electricity in an area with inconsistent power supply, ISM Containers incorporated solar panels on the clinic roofs. This eco-friendly solution helped light up the clinics,  reduce energy costs, and minimize the clinics\’ carbon footprint.

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3. Water and Sanitation:

The clinics were equipped with modern sanitation facilities and water purification systems to ensure a clean water supply, addressing critical hygiene needs in the camp.

4. Accessibility:

Consideration was given to the layout of the clinics to ensure they were accessible to people with disabilities, elderly individuals, and mothers with young children.

The partnership between ISM Containers and IRC resulted in several significant outcomes:

Improved Healthcare: The newly constructed clinics significantly improved healthcare access for the displaced population in Daadab Camp. They provided essential medical services, including maternal care, vaccinations, and treatment for common illnesses.

Sustainability: The use of recycled shipping containers and solar power reduced the environmental impact of the project, aligning with ISM Containers\’ commitment to sustainability and IRC\’s focus on eco-friendly solutions.

Scalability: The success of this initiative demonstrated the potential for scalable, sustainable healthcare solutions in other refugee camps and underserved areas worldwide.

In conclusion,

The collaboration between ISM Containers and IRC in Daadab Camp serves as a model for addressing critical humanitarian challenges while prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness. By repurposing shipping containers and harnessing solar power, this initiative not only improved healthcare but also showcased the potential for innovative and environmentally responsible solutions in the humanitarian sector.

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