Areas of Expertise

First/last mile distribution centres
Supply chain or distribution network, especially in the context of agriculture, waste management, or recycling.
Cold Chain Logistics and CC Hubs
Cold chain storage solutions address the need for temperature-controlled storage in critical industries like food and pharmaceuticals.
Retail Centres
Modular retail centers that are scalable shopping or business spaces.
Renewable Power Units: Natural gas, Solar
Integrating complex, clean energy technology in rugged packages, ensure turn-key delivery and provide operations and service supported by financing solutions.
Modular and Prefabricated Construction
ISO shipping containers for a wide range of solutions developed for a wide range of uses, including commercial, industrial, retail and residential for a wide range of uses, including commercial, industrial, retail
Remote Camp Construction & Management
Building and operating remote industrial camps across East Africa. From camp infrastructure to managing life support.
Communication: Starlink
In-country partner of FTL Globalsat offering a full spectrum of connectivity solutions built around the Starlink technology.
Agriculture platforms; Fish farming
Providing world class consulting, commercial agribusiness project management, equipment procurement, and installation.

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