Collaborative Case Study of Greenwheels Africa and ISM Containers

In an era where sustainability and eco-friendliness are paramount, businesses are forging innovative partnerships to drive change. One such partnership is between Greenwheels Africa, the proud owners of electric motorbikes with an impressive 80-kilometer range, and ISM Containers, a leader in shipping container conversion and modular building constructions. Together, we worked hand in hand to promote green transportation and revolutionize the way electric motorbikes are powered.


Global ride-hailing firm, Uber has launched electric bikes in Kenya\’s capital city, Nairobi. This is its first e-mobility product in Africa, which forms part of the company\’s efforts to be a zero-emission company by 2040. The electric motorbikes will be managed by Greenwheels Africa, an e-mobility company focused on electrifying motorbikes. The company will oversee all bike-related logistical matters, including maintenance and charging.

Uber\’s electric motorbikes were hailed as a significant step towards eco-friendly transportation. However, they faced a common hurdle: charging infrastructure. To make electric motorbikes more accessible and convenient, Uber through Greenwheels Africa needed an innovative solution to address the limited charging infrastructure in urban areas.

ISM Containers, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, promoting green initiatives, and championing eco-friendly construction solutions designed and installed battery swapping stations for Greenwheels Africa. The stations are strategically located in urban hubs, allowing motorbike riders to quickly and efficiently swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones. In addition to their collaboration with Greenwheels Africa, ISM Containers has also played a pivotal role in the electrification of Stima Boda and Enzi. These projects have broadened the reach of eco-friendly transportation, benefiting even more communities and riders.

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The benefits of this collaboration:

Expanded green fleet: Uber was able to significantly increase its electric motorbike fleet, reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation.

Enhanced driver experience: Uber riders reported improved service reliability, reduced downtime, and increased earning potential thanks to the battery-swapping station.

Community benefits: The battery swapping stations also benefited the communities in which they were placed by reducing air pollution and noise from traditional gas-powered bikes.

In conclusion,

Greenwheels Africa, ISM Containers, and their electrifying partnership have demonstrated how businesses can unite to address environmental challenges and drive sustainable change. If you\’re seeking inspiration to make your business more sustainable, consider partnering with ISM Containers. Together, we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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