Ways of Using Shipping Containers for Industrial Solutions in Kenya

The use of containerized solutions is quickly gaining prominence in all areas and particularly in industrial sectors. The shipping containers can easily be adapted into many industrial housing solutions mainly due to their flexibility in design, security, mobility, and the short duration of customization to clients’ requirements.

Shipping containers have been adapted for use as accommodation, commercial, production plants, clinics, schools, and many more. The shipping containers provide industrial equipment housing needs with protection, functionality, safe storage, and packaging, as well as facilitating intermodal transport.

Using fabricated shipping containers for solar and electric mobility battery power solutions

With the introduction of electric motorcycles, cars, carts, and buses, a few adjustments in power solutions are compelling the industry to seek quick and safe alternatives. Mobile charging solution is a key area of focus in this industry, especially in Africa where access to power can be a challenge in far-flung or remote areas. 

Stima Boda battery swap depot
Solar powered Container units

Containers have become a ready housing solution for these modern challenges that enable storage of power and offer refill options to users.

Using fabricated shipping containers for generators

From a used shipping container to refurbished solutions for renewable energy, solar power, hydroelectric, or harnessed by the wind, energy, and power sources you name it, the use of containers to offer housing solutions keeps soaring. ISM Containers has worked with various power generation and energy customers to deliver unique solutions whether storing generators or providing a unit to recharge batteries.

Switchgear substation container unit
High Lift Station

ISM’s shipping containers are fully customized with a wide variety of modifications, depending on client’s power generation source, battery storage needs, or any other projects

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Using shipping containers for agriculture

The benefits of container houses and other housing solutions which among others include flexibility in design and mobility continue to offer a solid base for modern industries and ventures. This has seen the farming sector take advantage of container design flexibility and development of biosystems that create value out of wastes, create suitable grounds for farming, prolong and manage growing seasons, and create farms out of parking lots among others.

Agricultural container unit
Agricultural container unit interior

ISM Containers operating in East Africa have served various industries, homes, and businesses with container housing solutions in East Africa. The company offers bespoke solutions in container unit design, construction, and delivery of professionally adapted containers to industrial equipment with an adequate balance of costs that makes the option cost-effective and durable.

ISM Containers offers container housing solutions that meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

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