Launching Your Carpet Cleaning Business with Henson Carpets

At Henson Carpets, we understand the growing demand for convenient and professional carpet cleaning. Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur with a vision to provide this service. But where to begin? The questions can seem endless: What equipment do I need? How big a space do I require?

We will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right equipment to maximizing your daily cleaning capacity.

Is there a difference in the quality of washing between an automatic carpet washing machine and manual carpet washing?

Absolutely!  Our Automatic carpet washing machines clean carpets more thoroughly and in less time than manual washing, using less detergent and water, with equal pressure on every point, equal washing time and pressurized rinsing system.

What stages do carpets brought to a professional carpet cleaning go through?

Our High-Capacity Automatic 3 Step Full Set-Up offers a multi-step process that ensures thorough cleaning:

  1. Dust Removal: This crucial first step involves removing dust, mites, and allergens nestled deep within the carpet fibers.
  2. Deep Carpet Cleaning: Our top-of-the-line automatic washing machines deliver a superior clean in 10 Minutes. These machines utilize less water and detergent compared to manual methods, ensuring a gentler yet more effective clean.
  3. Drying: Carpets can be dried in our automated dryer reducing carpet drying time to just 3 minutes allowing you to serve more clients in a day

How do I choose the right carpet cleaning machine?

At Henson Carpets, we offer two options to suit your specific needs and budget: the Budget Starter Pack and the High Capacity Fully Automated 3-step machine.

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Target Market: Consider the size and number of potential clients in your area.
  • Competition: Analyze existing carpet cleaning businesses and their offerings.
  • Desired Daily Capacity: Determine the number of carpets you aim to clean daily.
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How many square meters of area is required to establish a professional carpet cleaning business?
Now that you’ve chosen your ideal carpet cleaning equipment from Henson Carpets establishing your physical space is the next crucial step!

Henson Carpets is proud to partner with ISM Tetris Commercial, to provide a complete solution for your carpet cleaning business. ISM Tetris offers fast, customizable, and sustainable modular buildings to house your carpet cleaning equipment, ensuring a smooth transition from equipment selection to a fully functional workspace.

Reach out to us now at +254 704 043 137 or email to learn more about how Henson Carpet Cleaning can help you invest in the right carpet cleaning machines for your business.

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