ISM Containers Partners with Siemens Gamesa for Sustainable Energy in Ethiopia

ISM Containers, a leader in container conversions, is proud to be a key partner in the groundbreaking Assela wind farm project in Ethiopia. Our expertise in repurposed shipping containers plays a critical role in establishing the foundation for the project’s success.

By transforming shipping containers, we provide essential living and working spaces for the construction team. These modified units encompass:

● Office and Conference Facilities: Functioning as the project’s central hub for planning and collaboration.
● Fully-Equipped Kitchen and Dining Area: Ensuring the well-being and comfort of the workforce.
● Washrooms and Locker Facilities: Providing essential amenities for a productive and healthy work environment.

The conversion process takes place at our Nairobi facility, following modification, the units are transported directly to the Ethiopian camp site via Northern Kenya. This efficient logistical process minimizes disruption to the project timeline.

By prioritizing repurposed shipping containers, ISM Containers promote a sustainable approach to infrastructure development. This aligns perfectly with Siemens Gamesa’s commitment to clean energy and Ethiopia’s renewable energy goals.



The infrastructure support from ISM Containers empowers Siemens Gamesa’s team to focus on the critical task of deploying the wind farm’s SG3.4-132 wind turbines. This central hub serves as a foundation for a smooth operation and timely completion of the project.

ISM Containers is proud to be a part of this project, not only through our repurposing expertise but also by contributing to Ethiopia’s goal of achieving 100% renewable energy dependence by 2030.

For more information on ISM Containers’ sustainable and innovative repurposed shipping container solutions, contact us at +254 797 968817 or

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