ISM “OFF GRID” ECO Cabins:  Run on 100% Green Energy (Solar Energy, Biogas, and Water Treatment Solutions)

ISM green cabins are suitable for off-grid areas and are now available in as fast as 30 to 60 days.  Green energy offers alternative power and energy support that not only reduces costs and supports environmental conservation but also remains mobile and reliable, especially in remote areas.


To fully support off-grid and green energy our cabins also come with a biogas option for continued renewable energy dependency.

Biogas is a renewable fuel produced by the breakdown of organic matter such as food scraps and animal waste. It is used to generate electricity at sewage treatment facilities. The digester, space heaters, water heaters, and process heaters can all be conveniently heated using the waste heat from the engine. This use of renewable energy is affordable and works to conserve energy as well as save logistical transportation and cabling of other energy sources.

Solar Power

Our cabins are fitted with the latest technology in solar panels and batteries that are reliable and long-lasting to offer the needed power support, especially in off-grid areas. Currently, we offer cabins with solar PV – 3 KVA and other options can be fitted to suit client needs and specifications.

The Ism Cabins are also fitted with Solar Water heaters these Solar water heaters are made up of a number of parts that work together to heat water and maintain its heat through insulation. The kind of system required depends on the location of a home or business, as well as the quality of the local water supply.

Carocell Water Purification

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The solar system receives impure water by gravity or pumps it into a feeder pipe at the top of the unit. The solar energy heats the input water causing a vapor condensation change precluding all bacteria and pathogens, therefore eliminating all water-borne diseases. Exposure to ultraviolet light and extreme heat from solar energy through the advanced composite panel enhances the germ-killing processes.

Output water through this natural process is purified /desalinated to a level of 1-10ppm of(TDS) totally dissolved solids (sea water is measured at 35,000ppm TDS). The solar water purifiers only use the sun’s energy, there are no moving parts, electronics as it is robust and easy to set up, low maintenance, and very low operation cost. The unique natural purification/desalination system design enhances the efficiency of clean portable water output.

ISM Eco Units utilize Carocell’s direct solar-powered desalination technology. The solar water purifiers only use the sun’s energy, there are no moving parts or electronics, making it robust, low maintenance and very low operation cost. Producing pure safe drinking water from any water source.

ISM ECO CABINS Designs and Convenience

Our designs vary and are flexible, which makes us the most reliable partner in Modular Eco home construction in the region. We have qualified professionals, who take their time to understand client needs and professionally develop the perfect product that fits.

Our ECO Cabins take a record 30- 60 days to design, build and deliver. This helps in saving costs and time for our clients. The Eco Units arrive on-site, plug and play. ISM Containers develops various housing solutions with the most developed and modern technology that continues to lead the market.

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Visit our past projects to see more of ISM’s quality work for modern housing solutions.

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